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Diagnostic Testing


Glucose Test

Test for blood sugar using prick method


Diabetes Education Modules

These modules bridge the gap between physicians and their patients by addressing concerns on diabetes management, personal care, recommended daily nutritional intake and limitations.

  • Understanding Diabetes, Its Symptoms and Complications
    Recommended for newly diagnosed patients including their family members or caregivers. It consists of basic facts about diabetes such as mechanism behind diabetes, its types, symptoms, complications and an introduction to the different ways of management.
  • Self-monitoring of Blood Sugar
    A complete guide to monitoring of blood sugar including the step by step procedure of testing and managing results of your blood sugar level.
  • Management of Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia
    Important to learn not only for patients but also for family members and caregivers. This module will help you prevent episodes of highs and lows of blood sugar and teach you the first aid during hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia attacks.
  • Insulin Administration and Injection Technique
    Step by step guide to proper Insulin administration and injection to help you achieve its optimum effects.
  • Medication and its Management
    An overview of all oral diabetes medicines and insulin to help you better understand the action of medicines in body, and how to administer them properly.
  • Alcohol Moderation and Smoking Cessation
    A helpful module for patients who have problems with drinking alcohol and smoking. This includes the effects of alcohol and smoking in the body as well as tips on drinking moderately and quitting smoking.
  • Basic Nutrition
    A review of the macronutrients namely carbohydrates, protein and fats, their sources, and recommended daily intake for people with diabetes.
  • Meal Planning
    This module guides you to make your own meal plan consisting of diabetes friendly foods for you to achieve your blood sugar level goals.
  • Diet Restrictions for Diabetes Complications and Associated Diseases
    A deeper discussion of the nutritional management for the different complications and associated diseases such as obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and gouty arthritis.
  • Grocery Shopping Assistance
    A guide to buying groceries to help you create your own shopping list and make healthy food choices.
  • Foot Assessment and Care
    This module consists of strategies for proper foot care to help you maintain healthy feet, and prevent foot problems.
  • Exercise
    A guide to help you make your daily exercise routine and learn the do’s and don’ts when exercising.
  • Diabetes and Family Communication
    A module intended for the family members and caregivers of the diabetic patient, engaging them in the management of the disease to help empower the patients.
  • Sick Days and Special Considerations
    A must-know lesson about special precautions needed for occurrence of minor illnesses and how to manage it.

Modules Starts at ₱600

Meal Nutrition and Planning

The Meal Nutrition Plans consist of a daily menu that is easy to prepare and safe for diabetics. Each Meal Nutrition Plan is tailored fit by The Diabetes Store’s registered nutritionists to ensure that the patients receive the proper essential nutrients based on their height, weight, and level of daily activity. Our Meal Nutrition Planning service includes an initial assessment, food recall, and a menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks.

1 Week Meal Planning


2 Week Meal Planning


1 Month Meal Planning


Patient Assessment and Counseling

Initial Patient Assessment
Conducted during the first visit to assess condition and provide initial recommendations. It includes the following

  • Brief Patient Interview
  • Body Check (Height, Weight & Waist Circumference
  • Blood Check (Blood Pressure, Heart Rate & Blood Sugar*)
  • Diet Check (Food History & Recall, Assessment of Diet)
  • Discussion of all previous checks and tests
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